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How do we work?

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The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.

- Sir Richard Burton

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What is Road To Egypt?

As your travel concierge to the world, we are keen on connecting you with the most astounding travel experiences on your travel. With close to 25 years of experience in the world of travel, Road To Travel and its subsidiary Road to Egypt and Road To Italy serve thousands of clients meeting their comprehensive and diverse expectations from initial thoughts to setting them up with the best possible partners that will design every detail of the their requested itinerary.

Best part, our services are FREE to you. We charge you nothing.

Our partners know exactly how to serve clients to the expectations they ask for. On your trip, help will be available to you round the clock. They will help you plan and book the exact options you want from travel tickets, accommodations, and restaurants to museums, excursions, daytrips, different gears, etc.

Our partners are not mere employees, but highly skilled people who can add meaningful value to your consultation due to years of experience and practical knowledge of your destination and all it has to offer. When a restaurant is recommended, it is usually because they ate there themselves and heard from other clients their feedback on it. This kind of experience can hardly be matched by online number of stars next to a random name of a venue.

The network that you get plugged into through our meticulously selected partners is comprehensive and knowledgeable. At most destinations, you will receive the VIP treatment you need. Through the guides and drivers that will accompany you, expect to skip lines, get fancy seats, be picked up by a modern fleet of vehicles, and be provided with the most updated information for the sites you are visiting.

Why would do you need us?

The internet has become a busy medium to get accurate information from. Different tastes, varied levels of false marketing, random online opinions, half-baked information, and paid advertisement all can bring you false sense of what places you really want to experience and how. At Road To Egypt, only up-to-date information will be provided along with extensive experience from professional individuals who care that you have the best holiday experience possible.

Having a vacation does not need to mean a laborious process of planning and arranging for different things in a remote destination that can be complicated to navigate. With Road To Egypt, you put everything in the hands of those who will consult with you about your particular itinerary then provide you with excellent recommendations and arrange all the necessary bookings for your entire vacation.

How do we select our partners?

Based on our knowledge of the travel market and the various offerings by various companies, we make it our business to know who is best and who can deliver the exact type of vacation sought by our clients. After your initial consultation with us where we learn of your specific vacation or event requirements, we will set your up with the best possible partner for your specific vocation.

Nothing is left to chance. Meticulous and detailed planning of every day of your itinerary will be conducted allowing you the flexibility to change what may be unappealing to your taste or unsuitable for your type of requests.

There is even more care and detail planning if you are traveling to celebrate and anniversary or to have a special occasion at your destination.

You will receive a unique proposal

Following your initial engagement with our select tour designers, the journey toward crafting your bespoke experience begins. Expect an intricately tailored proposal, meticulously woven from the threads of the detailed conversations, to reach your inbox within a swift two business days. This preliminary proposal, a masterpiece in the making, serves as a canvas for your desire and plan—a no-obligation blueprint awaiting your scrutiny and embellishment.

Your comments and wishes are the main strokes that infuse life into this initial proposal; every suggestion and alteration is carefully considered, with each idea serving as a brushstroke adding depth and richness to your upcoming journey.

A refined and enhanced proposal shall soon be sent to you, asserting our dedication to realizing your travel aspirations. Your satisfaction and delight are our guiding voice, and every iteration promises a new tapestry of possibilities, awaiting your approval as we craft a bespoke voyage tailor-made for your exploration and pleasure.


Around two weeks before your departure date, you will be fully equipped with a comprehensive itinerary booklet. This personalized guide unveils a meticulous day-by-day breakdown of your journey, encompassing the finest details to enrich your Egyptian exploration. Our website has many details with not just essential information but also a collection of regional insights, painting vivid portraits of Egypt’s diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.

You will also receive vouchers securing the services you’ll partake in, granting you access to a seamless experience throughout your travels. These vouchers act as your key to exceptional accommodations, tours, and services, carefully arranged to enhance every moment of your stay. Additionally, find a dedicated section providing a wealth of essential information: from precise addresses and contact numbers for all your service providers and accommodations to the invaluable contact details of the local office in Cairo, ensuring assistance is just a call away. But, rest assured that your escorting guide and driver will receive you promptly once you arrive at the airport.

What Our Clients Say About Road To Egypt?

After 25 years of providing tour ideas and recommendations, our clients continually send us amazing feedback.

John Chow

Thanks once more for the amazing service you provide. We learned to lean on you whenever we needed something special.

Egypt was magical. It was on our bucket list for many many years. We needed something special and you delivered.

Rob & Linda

Thank you ... thank you ... thank you. You connected us with the exact tour company we needed. They did a fantastic job.

Maurine Ham

Christina Burns

Our family owe you a debt of gratitude. You connected us to the best tour designer who helped us plan every detail. Having our private guide was a must. Egypt was incomprable.