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Here myth meets culture

What to see in Egypt



Beneath the sun-kissed horizons, Egypt’s charm resides in the harmonious convergence of antiquity, culture, and boundless intrigue.

Showcasing Egypt

To visit Egypt, is to visit the mother of the world as the Egyptians often refer to this ancient land. Mysterious, mystical, magnificent, and monumental, travelling to Egypt will leave you speechless before turning you into a storyteller.

Actually, this is what Ibn Battuta, the most famous Moroccan scholar and explorer of ancient times, said about Egypt when he visited it in the mid-1300s. Undoubtedly, it is in that historic land he developed his irresistible passion for travel. Following his footsteps, you will find that you too will become an animated storyteller, recounting your many stories to anyone who will listen upon your return.

Indeed, timing your visit with one of Egypt holidays will give you something truly unique. Whether you come during Easter, Christmas, Eid, or during other holidays, you, like Ibn Battuta, will turn into a historian; an Egyptologist, and perhaps even an archaeologist. But above all, you will develop a deep appreciation for a civilization that today thrived for some 7000 years. Indeed, bustling with activity as it did when the pyramids were being built.

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Lori Malone

The personalized attention from our private guide was greatly appreciated. He was informed and made our itinerary that much more interesting.

The suggested itinerary for 14 days was superb. Marta and I had specific occasion to celebrate and the itinerary we ended up with, was second to none. Thank you!

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One of the best trip of our lives. No doubt in our minds.

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Amazing service and even more impressive professionalism. I liked your detailed attention and how you treated us as royalties. Will be back soon.

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