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Where to go in Egypt

There is plenty to see in Egypt. The only limit is your time.

Camel ride By The Red Sea Hurghada

To visit Egypt, is to visit the “mother of the world” as the Egyptians often refer to this ancient land. Mysterious, mystical, magnificent, and monumental, travelling to Egypt will leave you speechless before turning you into a storyteller.

Egypt is one of the most historically important countries in Africa and the world. You can customize your travel arrangements, your accommodations, and your activities all to suit your taste and preference. Find here everything the modern traveler would want in a getaway from five-star hotels, romantic places, luxury and custom tours, to fine dining, exquisite scenery, ancient history, and rich culture.


Actually, this is what Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan scholar and explorer, said about Egypt when he visited it in the mid-1300s. Undoubtedly, it is in that historic land he developed his irresistible passion for travel. Following his footsteps, you will find that you too will become an animated storyteller, recounting your many stories to anyone who will listen upon your return.

Indeed, timing your visit with one of Egypt holidays will give you something truly unique. Whether you come during Easter, Christmas, Eid, or during other holidays, you, like Ibn Battuta, will turn into a historian; an Egyptologist, and perhaps even an archaeologist. But above all, you will develop a deep appreciation for a civilization that today thrived for some 7000 years. Indeed, bustling with activity as it did when the pyramids were being built.

Always, consult with the company we recommend to you about the best time to visit Egypt.

Here is an article in Forbes by Allison DiLiegro describing her very enjoyable trip to Egypt in 2017. She is one of millions of visitors who visit Egypt, the Cradle of Civilization, every year.

In the west, the majestic Sahara, Earth’s mightiest desert, extends its golden fingers to touch this extraordinary land. Yet, amid the arid expanse, a lifeline of unparalleled grandeur meanders through the heart of Egypt – the Nile, the world’s longest river. Born of enigmatic sources deep within the African soul, it journeys northward, an immortal tale in liquid form, until it finds its poetic denouement in the azure embrace of the Mediterranean Sea.

Find below different articles about the different cities and regions in Egypt. You can refer to them as you go through your itinerary with your suggested travel advisor.

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