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The Enchanted Delta

13 Days Tour

The Enchanted Delta

13 Days Tour

Take this enchanting journey through Egypt, beginning in Cairo. Stand before the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, immersing yourself in their ancient mystique. Explore the Grand Egyptian Museum, a treasure trove of antiquities. Marvel at the Cairo Citadel’s impressive fortress and visit magnificent mosques. Next, sail along the Nile on a luxurious 5-star cruise from Luxor. Uncover the secrets of the Valley of the Kings, visit the breathtaking temples of Queen Hatshepsut and Pharaoh Ramesses III, and witness the grandeur of Karnak and Luxor Temples. As your cruise reaches Aswan, behold the relocated Temple of Phiale and take a serene felucca sail. Conclude your journey with a farewell gala on board.

Disembark in Aswan and explore the bustling souk before returning to Cairo. Delight in the vibrant Khan El-Khalili market and take a memorable felucca ride along the Nile. Discover the ancient Christian sites in Old Cairo, including the Hanging Church and the Coptic Museum. Savor panoramic views from the Tower of Cairo and enjoy a night at the Cairo Opera House. Complete your adventure with a visit to the Christian sites and a farewell dinner. Cherish the memories of Egypt’s timeless wonders and immerse yourself in its rich history and captivating culture.

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Itinerary Highlights

Cairo: Explore the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, visit the Grand Egyptian Museum, discover the Cairo Citadel and magnificent mosques, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Khan El-Khalili market.

Luxor: Cruise along the Nile, visit the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and Valley of the Nobles, explore the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the mortuary temple of Pharaoh Ramesses III, and marvel at the Karnak and Luxor Temples.

Esna, Edfu, and Kom Ombo: Discover the Greco-Roman Temple of Khnum at Esna, sail to Edfu to explore the Temple of Edfu, and visit the unique dual temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to Sobek and Haroeris.

Aswan: Witness the relocated Temple of Phiale, take a serene felucca sail around Elephantine Island, and enjoy the vibrant Aswan Souk.

Back to Cairo: Experience the ancient Christian sites in Old Cairo, visit the Hanging Church and the Coptic Museum, marvel at the panoramic view from the Tower of Cairo, and indulge in a night at the Cairo Opera House.

Suggested Detailed Itinerary

Day 1/13

Cairo: Welcome to Egypt. Upon your arrival in Cairo, you will be picked up from the airport and driven to your hotel. The rest of the day you will be left to rest from your trip.

Cairo: For your first morning, your private guide and driver will transport you to the Giza plateau, where you will find a 4500 years old famous wonder, the Great Pyramids of Giza with their ancient companion, the Sphinx.

Nothing can prepare you for this site, so we recommend that you allow the first little while of your visit to be without picture taking. This will seriously enhance your memory of the place and its mystical influence of your experience. The photos you will take after will trigger those significant memories, the ones of visiting the one remaining wonder of the ancient world.

While there, your guide will head with your to visit the Grand Egyptian Museum. This new colossal structure can easily be spotted from the plateau and is set to be opened later this year. In case its opening is postponed, your will be driven to another significance museum, the Cairo Museum of antiquities.

After your visit to either museum, you can discuss with your guide a suitable place for dinner and perhaps an evening excursion.

Cairo / Luxor: You probably by now have noticed a massive structure at the heart of Cairo, The Cairo Citadel. Built on the heights of the Moqattam, the Citadel of Saladin is fortress complex divided into two parts, the Northern and Southern enclosures with walls that are more than 32 yards (30 meters) high and more than 3 yards (3+ meters) in thickness.

There are several museums within the walled structure. Enjoy the exploration of some of them with your guide. Do not forget to breath in the fresh air that surround you at this height from the city underneath.

Your guide will then take you to visit a few of the important and magnificent mosques in the area. This will defiantly be a visit to remember.

Either in the evening or on the following day you will be flying to the ancient city of Luxor.

Luxor: This morning you will be board your 5-star deluxe cruise from a private dock.

Your luxurious 5-star quarters will surprise you. At almost a full-size bedroom, these Nile cruises are an exception in elegance, beauty, and style.

In the morning you will sail to the west bank of the legendary Nile to visit some of the most amazing and reputable tombs in the world. Though ancient Egyptians chose to live on the East Bank of the Nile, they reserved the West bank for their dead kings and queens. As the sun set on the West bank, it was deemed prudent that this necropolis be placed there with its tombs and mortuary temples.

You will start your visit at the Valley of the Kings.  From there, you will continue on to the less known but very beautiful Valley of the Queens, and then the Valley of the Nobles. Here you will find some of the most beautifully rock-cut tombs in Egypt. This Theban necropolis is massive and has been superbly kept despite of its old age.

Next to the Valley of the Kings, you will find the Temple of one of the most important queens of Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut. This queen had significant impact on the society of Egypt during her reign.

From there you will head to the massive mortuary temple of the Pharaoh Ramesses III at Medinet Habu. You will then complete your visit by dropping by the two colossi 3,400 years old statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep.

Luxor: On the East Bank of Luxor, where most probably you will be docking, you are going to visit today the time-resisting structures of the Karnak and Luxor Temples

Historically the Karnak is one of the most awe-inspiring temple complexes in Egypt and in the world. There is a lot to explore here. You will enjoy the many chapels, sections, and temples within these two complexes. Do not forget to visit the magnificently renovated avenue of the rams, the colossal hypostyle hall with its 134 giant columns at the height of more than 22 yards (20 meters).

After your visit to Karnak, it is time to join the time-honored tradition of sailing in a Nile Felucca. At some point during the sail, you can enjoy the Egyptian Cuisine experience by having lunch on board your boat. If you wish you can also arrange for a horseback ride in the countryside.

Closer to sunset, you can head to the Temple of Luxor. With the beautiful design of lights in and around the temple you can certainly enhance your sense of the mystical and the eternal.

Perhaps you can head back to the sound and light show in the Karnak temple during your evening or join in one of the entertainment events on board your boat.

Esna, Edfu, Com Ombo,& Aswan: This morning you will sail to Esna. Enjoy your delicious lunch onboard while cruising at a soul-calming speed viewing what the banks of this majestic river offer.

Once you are there, your private guide will show you around this Greco-Roman Temple of Khanum at Esna. During the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius, this temple was built in the city of Esna which was one of the most prestigious cities in ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods.

Presently, the nine meters-below-street-level beautifully preserved Great Hypostyle Hall of the temple, was excavated from the silt caused by the flooding of the Nile which buried it over the centuries.

This afternoon, you will enjoy tea on board your ship as you cruise towards Edfu. In the evening, you will have your dinner and entertainment onboard.

Towards Aswan: Having had your breakfast onboard, you will begin your day with a visit to the Temple of Edfu located on the west back of the Nile. To get there you will take a traditional horse and a carriage to the site.

Heading back to the boat for lunch, you will cruise to the visit unusual Temple of Kom Ombo. This temple is another relic left to us by the Ptolemaic and Roman dynasties. It was erected to the worship the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world. Duplicating its entire structure, the other god that was worshipped here was the falcon god Haroeris.

Aswan: Coming to your last day and night onboard your cruise, after breakfast, you will head to Egypt’s ancient center for the cult of Isis. Arriving by a short ride aboard a motorboat, you will be enamored by the Temple of Phiale which was venerated throughout the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Eras. This is one of Nubia’s most important monument sites.

The temple itself was moved from its original place where it was threatened by the increase in water levels after the building of the Aswan dam. Now, erected piece by piece at its current site on the island of Agilkia.

Following your lunch, you will be invited to take a terrific sail aboard a traditional Felucca around the Elephantine Island, Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens, and the Agha Khan Mausoleum.

Tonight, there will be a farewell gala on your boat while being served a delicious meal with exquisite entertainment and music. You may even be lucky to witness a real dervish whirling dance and even a belly dancer’s performance.

Aswan / Cairo: After your breakfast, you will disembark off your boat. If your flight back to Cairo is later, we suggest you visit the Aswan Souk (bazaar) for some beautiful gifts for yourself and your friends and family.

Once you arrive in Cairo and checked into the hotel, you will have the rest of the day for your pleasure. We can suggest that you attend the sound and light of the Greater Pyramids and Sphinx. Though, for a more classic night, you may wish to attend a performance at the Cairo Opera House.

Cairo: Starting the day with breakfast, you will then be accompanied by your private tour guide to one of the most dazzling and oldest markets in the world, Souk Khan El-khalili.

This bazaar and souk near the Cairo Citadel which you visited earlier in your program, is the home for many Egyptian artisans. This souk was built on the southern end of one of the Fatimid Dynasty palaces, also the location of the burial site of the Fatimid caliphs.

Haggling is key here. Do not be bashful. Though those trades are special in talent and appearance, they can sometimes exaggerate in prices. Happy shopping indeed.

In the evening, you may wish to take a ride in another Felucca in the Nile. However, this time you will be splendidly surprised by the bustling city around you. Consult with your guide regarding your preference of the starting point.

Cairo: You will start your day, after breakfast, by heading to a very unique part of Cairo, the site where it is believed in the Christian traditions that the family of Jesus Christ lived in after escaping the wrath of King Herod.

With serenity you can experience visiting the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum, the Babylon Fortress, the Greek Church of St. George and several other historically important Coptic Churches. Most of the churches here were built after the Muslim takeover of Egypt in the 7th century representing a stronghold for the Christian community in the country.

Once your visit is completed, you may wish to have your dinner at the Tower of Cairo promising a spectacular panoramic view of the largest city in Africa.

Cairo: Your private guide will pick you up from your hotel so you can head to another unique and immersive experience at the Pharaonic Village. This astounding place is like no other. From the beginning, as you sail along the canals of the island, you will witness life as it was in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.

Carried out in pantomime by over a hundred professional actors and actresses, the village boasts a memorable enactment of the day-to-day life as it was carried out by Egyptian society during Pharaonic times.

Throughout this floating theatre, the village also celebrates the famous tomb of King Tutankhamun discovered by Howard Carter and his team in November 1922 by having an exact replica of the tomb in full with all its ceremonial treasures.

Astonishingly, you will experience the sounds and sights as they were those many centuries back in Egypt’s glorious history.

For the evening, we recommend that you visit one the major malls in Cairo and there quite a few for a beautiful shopping experience. Also, there are many restaurants and cafes that you may wish to visit. Consult with your private guide on how you want to spend your last evening on this tour.

Cairo: After breakfasting, your private tour is now completed.

What clients said about this tour

Amelia J. Mitchell
Read More
Egypt was an incredible adventure! From the Great Pyramids of Giza that left me in awe to the captivating Temple of Isis on Philae Island, every moment was filled with history and wonder. The landscapes were breathtaking, and experiencing the vibrant culture in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili souk was a sensory delight. An evening felucca ride along the Nile was pure magic, adding a special touch to my Egyptian journey.
Elijah Patel
Read More
Cairo was a city of fascinating contrasts! The Cairo Citadel and its beautiful mosques transported me back in time, while exploring the bustling Khan El-Khalili souk was a vibrant experience. The evening felucca ride along the Nile, with the city lights twinkling, created a magical atmosphere. Egypt's capital truly captivated me.
Maria Chang
Read More
Luxor was a place where ancient history came alive. Exploring the Valley of the Kings and its intricate tombs was like stepping into a fantasy world. The Karnak and Luxor Temples were awe-inspiring, with their impressive architecture and grandeur. For history lovers, Luxor is a treasure trove of fascinating discoveries.
Nellie Carter
Read More
Aswan was a serene and beautiful destination! The Temple of Philae on its peaceful island was a sight to behold, surrounded by calm waters. Sailing on a felucca along the Nile, taking in the golden sunsets, was a truly enchanting experience.

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