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Summer weather in Egypt is hot and dry in most of the country and humid in the Delta and along the Mediterranean Coast. In recent years the humidity has spread to Cairo and the city swelters in August. Winter is mild with some rain, but usually there are bright, sunny days and with cold nights.

There are 5 days called Khamasin between the end of March and mid-May, where sand storms can occur sporadically. The sand storm season only comes during a short period in March and April, just for a very few days!

During the summer time, sun protection is the most important single consideration for an Egypt trip especially for the fair-skinned. Use of a sun hat is highly recommended. Cheap and pure cotton sun hats are made locally and available everywhere. Travel clothing should be light and comfortable, 100% cotton clothing is the best. Robust shoes are a must. The climate of Egypt is characterized by a hot season from May to September and a cool season from November to March. Extreme temperatures during both seasons are moderated by the prevailing northern winds.

In the coastal region, average annual temperatures range from a maximum of 37° C (99° F) to a minimum of 14° C (57° F). Wide variations of temperature occur in the deserts, ranging from a maximum of 46° C (114° F) during daylight hours to a minimum of 6° C (42° F) after sunset. During the winter season desert temperatures often drop to 0° C (32° F).

The most humid area is along the Mediterranean coast, where the average annual rainfall is about 200 mm. Precipitation decreases rapidly to the south; Cairo receives on average only about 29 mm of rain every year, and in many desert locations it may rain only once in several years!

Winter weather in Egypt is fairly cold, moreso than most people anticipate and cold winds blow over the desert at sunrise and sunset. Even when it is warm outside in winter, it can be surprisingly cold inside the massive stone temples. In winter, showers fall everywhere between October and April, so bring a few items of light but warm clothing, so that you are able to cope with the early mornings and the occasional and unseasonable winter cold snap.