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Experience a Nile cruise - The very best pleasure of Egypt.
Our Nile Cruises will offer your the opportunity to experience first hand the majesty of pharaonic Egypt. The ancient tombs and temples along the banks of the Nile are nothing short of architectural wonders where ancient civilization flourished.

Complement your Nile cruise experience with a visit to an array of other historical and archaelogical sites that made Egypt the important centre of civilization in the early history of man.

Egypt is almost as old as civilization itself – in fact, no other country on earth can boast of a longer recorded history. An Egypt Nile Cruise offers the perfect opportunity for travelers who hunger for knowledge of the past. From Sakkara to Abydos, you will be transported, as if in a time machine, into the pages of a history book.

Legend has it that the eternal 'Gift of the Nile' (as it was described by historian Herodotus), was probably one of the holiday spots for the early Greeks and Romans, who visited it not just for fun, but also to see some of mankind's earliest triumphs. This river continues to live up to that reputation, offering today's traveler the best of the past and the present.

The Nile River, like Egypt holds mysteries that scientists may never completely understand. The Great Bend of the Nile is something that baffled geologists until satellite radar had penetrated the sands of the Sahara to reveal an ancient river channel.

While the river generally flows north, in the Sudan, it makes a huge, looping bend that is really remarkable because the river is flowing through the largest, driest desert on Earth. While it would be expected that the river would flow north, it actually bends southwestwards and wanders through the Sahara for another 200 miles before continuing its northward course. In the past, the Nile flowed on a different course. The river channel shows us that most likely between 10,000 and 1,000,000 years ago, the Nile was forced to abandon its course and take up a new course to the south.

From Tutankhamen's Tomb to the Giza pyramids to the riddle of the Sphinx to scuba diving in the Red Sea to lively nightspots to grand operas and five star comfort, the Land of the Pharoahs bustles with life and excitement.
You may leave Egypt after a short stay. But Egypt will never leave you. The timelessness of its monuments, the soul-stirring architecture of its mosques and churches, the quaint charm and hospitality of its people. Nile cruises are the perfect way to experience Egypt and the memories will stay with you forever.

One of the most enjoyable experiences is to float serenely down the river on an air conditioned luxury ship for a few days. Many of them boast swimming pools, bars, restaurants and almost every facility. You will hardly believe your eyes when you experience the land of the pyramids.

Browse though our magical Nile cruise packages to either add to your land tour or enjoy on it's own.

Choose from a variety of tours, excursions, or full itineraries designed to accommodate any budget. Our tour design representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you organize your trip. Contact us.
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